Is this the story of our century?

Logos XXI: The Rise of the One is an epic didactic drama or edutainment continuing the history of the Western Mind with the return of the One… in two!

God’s Joker assists his brother, David Donnerstein, the Platonic Dictator, in fixing the world for the sake of the future with all but words.

While no background in philosophy is necessarily needed, the series draws as much on Plato’s Republic, Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra or Jung’s Red Book as on the myths of Dante, William Blake or Tolkien.

Form and content are further influenced by comics, rap and 21st century cinema.

The series is hierarchically ordered and will feature a total of 8 levels.

Level 1 may be considered the optional background, the subterranean dimension, if you will, to the edifice which will be mapped out in the dialogues of Level 2 to then be raised in an exponentially cataclysmic rhythm.